Winning Amount
Rules and Draw
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4.5k USDT

Winner (1st) : 80%


Determined by the Draw

Winner (1st) :
# of winners determined by the draw


50k USDT

Winner (1st) : 60%



Winner (1st) :
Determined by end of the Draw


100k USDT

Winner (1st) :
50% of participants will get +100%



Winner (1st) : 100%



How to unlock VIP pool



How to unlock Versus pool


Depends on the Draw

Winner (1st) :
Depends on the Draw

Tiny #LCP106
1st Place
Total amount :
1k in term of USDT
Minimum amount to participate : 20 / part in term of USDT
Parts left : 50
1 pool, 5 coins : choose your own coin(s) to participate and get your winnings in the same coin
Pool address to participate in USDT* :
(*send USDT to this address to participate)
Pool address to participate in XRP* :
(*send XRP to this address to participate)
61.54 XRP
Pool address to participate in SOL* :
(*send SOL to this address to participate)
0.54 SOL
Pool address to participate in DOT* :
(*send DOT to this address to participate)
Pool address to participate in ADA* :
(*send ADA to this address to participate)
43.48 ADA
*Note that the amount requested per coin can vary daily depending on its volatility in the markets.
We actualize those amounts each day to match, in this pool, 50 USDT/part.
This doesn't effect your participation prior to this change. You even might get more depending on the coin volatility.
Last First win

- Choose the type of coin you want to participate with.
- Copy/Past the Pool address displayed below (depending on your coin choice) into the "send address" section of your wallet; OR scan the QR code. See below

Enter the amount required per participation in your denomination coin.
Hit the send button to participate.
The draws and results will be streamed live in this page and on our Youtube channel after there are no parts left in the pool to participate.

1st place will get 100% of the pool (minus gas fees and 3% pool fee)

- Make sure to check if you have the winning address under the ID pool : #LCP106.
- If you are the lucky winner, we will send your winnings on the coin denomination you chose back to the address you sent your participation from.
- This pool will be reactivated after one or two days.

- Every participating address will automatically be related to a unique number attributed by chronological order. In this case, there are 50 parts. The first participating address will get the number "1" and so on. This attribution number is in no way determining the draw results (it is just an identification process).
- This pool has an Exotic draw that will be activated and streamed live after the pool closes (when there are no parts left).
- Exotic Draw of #LCP106 :
1. A red sphere will be shot inside a bigger semi-sphere with a self-rotating base.
2. This self-rotating base is composed by boxes, each of them with a unique number.
3. When the red sphere positioned itself definitively on a box, the number of the box (previously attributed to an address) will be the first place winning address. Example : if the red sphere positioned itself on the box number 13, that means that the 13th address having participated in the pool will get the first place (for a visual example, see video).
Number Attribution